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Smart Cars // Acid stained concrete installation

Design and making of "The Concrete Carpet", a digital campaign commissioned by Berlin based agency K-MB for their client Smart Cars.

Under the "Questions and answers" series, where one creative mind asked another creative mind about the transformations of our cities,

we developed the concept "In the future, what are the new ways your home will provide sanctuary?" together with NY photographer Todd Selby.

Our answer: "We will take sanctuary and delight in the less functional, tarnished and irrational way and we will personalize our homes

with our own individual perceptions of beauty."

We built a unique concrete carpet made of hundreds of tiles we individually stained with acid, showing how beautiful the imperfections can be.

Project in collaboration with art director Paula Benvegnu.

Barcelona, 2011-2012
Shortlisted to be exhibited in Saatchi Gallery, London.

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