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Studio Tristan Cochrane is a London based multi disciplinary practice that covers every aspect of a project

from pitching, design and project managing to production and the final installation.


Combining many skills, Tristan brings to the studio a designer's thought process, a maker's attention to detail

an artist’s eye for beauty and a project manager's pragmatic ability to communicate with commercial clients

and deliver always above expectation, on time and on budget.


Metal work, wood work, electronics, lighting, mould making and casting, sculpting, mechanics…

The Studio has a deep understanding of all possible aspects of production and can transmit the message

in the best format for each job.

Clients range from art galleries and artists to advertising and branding companies, retailers, hospitality and events.  

They had worked with some of the most renowned agencies in the UK such as McCaan, Saatchi & Saatchi and the

Halo Group and for clients such as Tate Britain, Bombay Sapphire, Waitrose, Martini Williams F1,

Clarins, The Body Shop and many more.

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